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Jaden Decker is a country music performer from Missoula, Montana. Drawing on his family’s midwestern roots, Jaden’s music is fueled by a goal to blend country/americana with a psychedelic jam-band sound, to ultimately create his labeled genre of “Rocky Mountain Country.” The 16-year-old played 70+ shows in 2022, embarking on two national tours already, which were both completely independently booked.


Jaden’s live performance consists of him and his acoustic guitar, accompanied by a pedalboard, which greatly adds to the jam-band sound previously mentioned. Decker knows how to get a crowd moving, and his live set reflects that beautifully. Opening for acts like Granger Smith, Casey Donahew, Fruition, and playing events like Zach Bryan's Album Release Party, Jaden Decker is no stranger to large crowds. Jaden takes his  audience on a journey, where they are not only left in awe by the 16-year-old, but it feels as if there is also a connection created between Jaden and the crowd.


In 2020, Jaden released his debut album "Montana Grown." Due to COVID-19, Decker never had the chance to properly play and promote this album, which prompted him to keep writing, this resulted in "Jaden Decker: The EP." In the short time that Decker has been releasing music, he has already garnered 300k+ total streams.

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Should've, Would've, Could'veJaden Decker
00:00 / 03:05
Long GoneJaden Decker
00:00 / 04:26
Rocky Mountain ShineJaden Decker
00:00 / 03:07



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