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Jaden Decker is a country music performer from Missoula, Montana. Drawing on his family’s midwestern roots, Jaden’s music is fueled by a goal to blend country/americana with a psychedelic jam-band sound, to ultimately create his labeled genre of “Rocky Mountain Country.” The 16-year-old has played 70+ shows in 2022, embarking on two national tours already, which were both completely independently booked.


Jaden’s live performance consists of him and his acoustic guitar, accompanied by a pedalboard, which greatly adds to the jam-band sound, previously mentioned. Decker knows how to get a crowd moving, and his live set reflects that beautifully. Taking the audience on a journey, they are not only left in awe by the 16-year-old, but it feels as if there is also a connection created between Jaden and the crowd.

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